Grade 1 ~ Math

You can find video tutorials from free resources on the web, like youtube.  Most of these Math concepts are easy to teach to your children.  All exercises here are taken from IXL MATH website online.  You have to register and create an account for your child, but the price is extremely reasonable, about $7.00 per month per child, and they offer a discount for multiple children. Choose your province and the math exercises are tailored to the ministry of education, so you know your child will be on track.  There are a certain amount of exercises they will let your child practice for free however, so you could just do those and print out some worksheets to accompany them.  There are many other free resources offered online to practice math.  Here you can have your child practice their 1st grade math skills online, softschools, funbrain math games.  Also offers Kindergarten and 1st Grade math and language arts activities that are fun to play and help your child learn at the same time.  Here is a website for grade 1 math printables K5 Learning, homeschool math.

IXL Grade 1 Math

Login daily and complete the math exercises under one of the following categories.  Try to achieve a minimum score of 80%.  If the exercises are completed quickly because it’s an area that is easy, then choose another link under another category and complete the exercises to 80% as well.

~  Counting and Number Patterns

~  Addition

~  Addition – Skill builders

~  Subtraction

~  Subtraction – Skill Builders

~  Comparing

~  Estimation

~  Fractions

~  Geometry

~  Spatial Sense

~  Data and Graphs

~  Measurement

~  Money

~  Patterns

~  Mixed Operations

~  Probability & Statistics

~  Sorting, Ordering and Classifying

~  Time

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