Grade 3 ~ Science

Unit 1 ~ Forces Causing Movement

Lesson 1

~  Watch this video on Forces and Motion.

~  Review each of these vocabulary words you will be seeing throughout this unit of study, to recognize how to spell them, and to understand what they all mean.

Lesson 2

~Forces causing movements: Introduction to forces

Lesson 3

~ Read about Force, and kinds of Force

~ Play this online BBC game about Force.

~  Print and complete this worksheet

Lesson 4

~ Grade 3 Forces – Forces everywhere

look at a series of pictures in which there were many actions occurring.  After examining the pictures, and looking at all of the forces, record on this T chart all the ways that these movements are pushes or pulls.

Lesson 5

~  Read about the Types of Forces.  Now look at your T chart from last lesson and label what kind of force each one is.  Then answer the questions on the second page of the Types of Forces Worksheet.  (either print it out, or just answer the questions in your science workbook).

Lesson 6

~ Forces causing movements ~ Type of Force ~ Muscular

~  Forces causing movements ~ Type of Force ~  Magnetic

Lesson 7

~ Forces causing movement ~ Type of Force ~ Gravity

~  Forces causing movement ~ Type of Force ~ Buoyancy

Lesson 8

~ Forces causing movement ~ Type of Force ~ Friction

~  Forces causing movement ~ Type of Force ~ Natural

Lesson 9

~ Print and complete this worksheet on What Type of Force is Making Things Move Around You.  Get Outside!

Lesson 10

Print and complete this Types of Forces Review Worksheet.

Lesson 11

~Watch these videos on how Magnets can be used to help the environment.

~ Experiment with magnets!  Find a magnet or two and some paperclips.  Print and complete this worksheet.  Also, walk around your home and experiment to find what things the magnets are attracted to and what things they aren’t.  Write down your findings in your workbook.

Lesson 12

Take a quiz on Forces!

~ Read about things that can increase friction and decrease friction and then print and complete the table at the bottom.

Lesson 13

~ Take the final unit test on Forces causing movement.

Unit 2 ~ Soils in the Environment

Lesson 14

~ Watch this video tutorial on Soil.

~  Print and complete this worksheet.  Read about what soil is made from and then fill in the bottom diagram.

Lesson 15

~ Print and complete this worksheet on how different things contribute to the formation of soil.

Lesson 16

~ Watch this video on Soil Profile, Soil Layers, Soil Erosion – Video for Kids

~ Watch this video on the different types of soils

~ Take the online quiz about different types of soils.

Lesson 17

~  Print this Sheet to look at throughout this lesson.

~  Choose “Digging Shallow” and Explore “What is Soil?”  Play this online interactive game.

~  Choose “Digging Shallow” and Explore “Why Does Soil Matter?”  in this online interactive game.

~  Choose “Digging Shallow” and Explore “How do Soils Form?” in this online interactive game.

Lesson 18

~  Choose “Digging Shallow” and Explore “Soil Under the Microscope”  in this online interactive game.

~  Choose “Digging Shallow” and Explore “Properties of Soil” in this online interactive game.

Lesson 19

~  Choose “Digging Shallow” and Explore “Why and How Soils Differ”  Play this online interactive game.

~  Choose “Digging Shallow” and Explore “Soils as a Living Being”  in this online interactive game.

~  Choose “Digging Shallow” and Explore “Soils, Plants and Food Production” in this online interactive game.

Lesson 20

~ Play the interactive game “School Garden” Click on the flower to play.

~  Watch this video on how compost is made

~  Print and complete this worksheet on Composting

Lesson 21

Lab activity: Planting Seeds.  Done over several weeks.  Set up the experiment today by planting all the seeds.

Lesson 22

~ Watch this Video on Plant Roots

~  Print and complete this worksheet on Plant Roots.

Lesson 23

Print and complete these worksheets on Soil.

Lesson 24

~  Fill out the first section on your plant growing sheet Lab Activity.

~  Watch this Video about the Ant Lifecycle!

~ Print and complete this worksheet on ants.

Lesson 25

~ Watch this Brief Video about the Vancouver Island Marmot, waking up from Hibernation.

~  Print and complete this worksheet on The Vancouver Island Marmot.

Lesson 26

~  Watch this video about Moles from BBC Wildlife

Lesson 27

~ Fill out the second section of the Plant growing sheet Lab Activity.

Lesson 28

Read this information on Moles (Review) 

~  Print and complete this worksheet on Moles.

Lesson 29

~ Now that the seed experiment is complete.  Write a letter to the seed starter company.  The letter was to be written in standard, grade 3, format, and was to include the following:

  1. The purpose of our experiment (what did you want to find out?)
  2. The procedure from our experiment (what did you do?)
  3. The controls in our experiment (how did you make it fair?)
  4. The results from your experiment.
  5. A question to the seed starter company, asking them to justify their prices.

Use 2 periods to write this letter.  The first period for brainstorming.  The second period is for edits and the good copy.

Lesson 30

Print, Read and complete this booklet on Soil

Lesson 31

~ Watch this video on Soil:  Who Needs it?

Lesson 32

~ Learn about Pesticides in this video

Lesson 33

~ Read this text on salt in soil and it’s effect on plants.

~  Read about Fertilizers and their effects on soil.

~  Watch this video on the effects of Fertilizers on lawns.

Lesson 34

~ Read through these Soil Review questions in preparation for a little quiz next lesson.

~  Take this online review quiz on Soil.

~  Take another online review quiz on soil.

Lesson 35

~ Print and complete the final unit test on Soil in the Environment.

~  Answer sheet here.

Unit 3~ Growth and Changes in Plants

Lesson 36

Print this picture.  List all the ways plants are used in the photo.

~  Read about all the products we get from plants.

~  Watch this video on the Parts of a Plant.

Lesson 37

~ Read about the functions of each plant part.

~  Play this online game to label the parts of a plant.

~  Print and complete this information sheet on plant parts.

Lesson 38

~ Complete this online activity to learn about the different functions of each plant part.

~  Complete this study jam on plant roots and stems.

Lesson 39

~  Watch this video on the stems of plants.

Print and complete this worksheet on plant stems and their function.

Lesson 40

~ Take a look at seeds today.  Print and complete this lab activity on seeds.

~  Watch this video on sprouting seeds without soil.

~  Print this seed journal to fill in over the next 2 lesson periods.

Lesson 41

~  Print and complete this worksheet on the Needs of Living Things.

Lesson 42

~  Today, transplant the sprouted seeds into pots and make sure your seed journal is complete.

~  Watch this online interactive on seed growth.

The seed journal answers.

Lesson 43

Learn about the life cycle of a plant.

~  Complete this online chart about the life cycle of a plant.

Lesson 44

~   Answers to Needs of Living things worksheet.

~  Learn about Types of leaves.  Complete the sheets.

~  Watch this video on simple and compound leaves.

Lesson 45

Answers to Plant Life cycle Worksheet.

~  Print and complete this Quiz on plants.

Lesson 46

~  Learn about plant survival.  Print this information page.

~  Watch this video about Plant Survival and adaptations.

Print and complete this worksheet.

~ Answers to Leaves Worksheet.

Lesson 47

Answers to Plants Quiz.

Lesson 48

Answers to plant survival worksheet.

Lesson 49

~ ~

Lesson 50

~ ~

Lesson 51

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Lesson 52

~ ~

Lesson 53

~ ~

Lesson 54

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Lesson 55

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Lesson 56

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Lesson 57

~ ~

Lesson 58

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Lesson 59

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Lesson 60

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Lesson 61

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Lesson 62

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Lesson 63

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Lesson 64

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Lesson 65

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Lesson 66

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Lesson 67

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Lesson 68

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Lesson 69

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Lesson 70

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Lesson 71

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Lesson 72

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Lesson 73

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Lesson 74

~ ~

Lesson 75

~ ~

Lesson 76

~ ~

Lesson 77

~ ~

Lesson 78

~ ~

Lesson 79

~ ~

Lesson 80

~ ~

**Congratulations! You have finished                               for this year!**

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